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The Hostos Alumni Spotlight Series illuminates the remarkable impact our graduates have in our communities. These stories illustrate personal triumphs through challenging circumstances, but also share resonating messages about the boundless potential of motivated individuals equipped with the tools for success. These evocative, personal insights from alumni affirm to our students that with the transformational power of education and the supportive environment provided by Hostos, they, too, will succeed in making their dreams come true.

We invite you to consider supporting this special series – each sponsorship level provides an array of promotional benefits in recognition of your generosity and empowers us to continue preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

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Kay Bell

Class of 2013

Ramón De Los Santos is no stranger to Hostos Community College. He not only started his educational path at the College but also his career as a higher education administrator. A native of Santiago Rodriguez in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic, Dr. De Los Santos arrived in New York City in 1998, lived in Queens, and took three trains and a bus to pursue his education in the South Bronx.

Class of 1982

Jimmy Cruz

When Jimmy Cruz started at Hostos, he was already a husband and a parent, so he knew how important it was to find a balance in his life. He learned how to prioritize his time and was able to successfully navigate the responsibilities of work, parenthood, and his studies. He found a job at Stony Brook Hospital soon after graduation, and he has remained with the hospital for 38 years. Jimmy was driven by his motivation to build a solid foundation for his family, and he is now seeing his efforts manifest as his three sons enter adulthood and are empowered to shape their own paths. 


Christine Rivera

Class of 1999

Christine Rivera was a single mother, but she refused to let that be a barrier to obtaining higher education. With tenacity and determination, she completed her associate degree in liberal arts. After graduation, she worked with an after-school program where she raised herself from a part-time role to eventually become a leader in the organization. She then went back to school to earn her bachelor’s in 2015 and her master’s degree in 2017, both from Boricua College. She currently serves as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in the Bronx with the NYC Department of Education. Christine reflects on her journey and her innate desire to uplift her community by giving Bronx students access to the social and educational services they deserve.

Class of 2016

Saint Mbakop

Adjusting to college was certainly a challenge for Saint Mbakop, but his hard work at Hostos paved the way for his career success. He discovered his passion and aptitude for leadership while coaching fellow students to help them develop their strengths though the Student Leadership Academy (SLA). Saint also served as president of the Student Government Association (SGA). He is currently continuing his education at Harvard University, pursuing a joint undergraduate and master’s degree in business analytics. However, he is not delaying his career while he advances his education. As a student, Saint has published eight books and has established his own consulting company, Life by Design Coaching and Consulting. In addition, he is the director of sales and marketing at New York City Books and an operations training specialist at AmerisourceBergen.

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Laura Segura

Class of 2020

Hostos graduate Laura Segura earned her dentistry degree in Mexico before immigrating to the United States eight years ago. Upon her arrival, she looked forward to continuing to practice dentistry, but quickly learned that obtaining an American license would be a long and challenging process. While applying to dental programs, Laura worked as a dental assistant. Over time, her hope to practice dentistry at a higher level diminished. She felt stuck in her job as an assistant and was struggling to make any progress toward her dentistry license – despite her previous training, she would have to complete a master’s degree before she could even apply to a dental school. She knew that earning a dental hygiene degree would expand her options, but she had not found a program that she liked ­– until she heard about Hostos.

Now a proud graduate of the Hostos dental hygiene program, Laura has the fulfilling career she desired and plans to take her education even further.

Laura Segura
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Class of 1997

Robinson De Jesús

Robinson was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States after high school to further his education. He attained his associate degree in Liberal Arts from Hostos Community College and a bachelor’s in business administration from Baruch College. Robinson has worked for several prominent corporations throughout his career, including Moody’s Corporation, Merrill Lynch, and Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting, US. In 2019, he and his wife, an experienced accountant, co-founded Efficient Advice, LLC, a business consulting organization helping clients design success. Robinson has spent more than 20 years working with hundreds of organizations in both the public and private sectors to transform their business operations. He has been a consultant to Fortune 500 multinational organizations, such as Pfizer, CBS, Bristol-Myers, Texas Instruments, Kellogg’s, Estée Lauder, American Tower Corporation, and Verizon Communications, as well as the Office of the New York City Comptroller and a federal government agency.

Robinson de Jesús
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Class of 2017

Tomás Correa

In his youth, Tomás Correa found himself involved with the justice system and enrolled at Hostos Community College after being incarcerated. Throughout his time at the College, he dedicated himself to advocating for justice-involved youth and working to address the mass incarceration crisis. He participated in community panels, discussing the need for better academic opportunities for justice-involved youth while working as a mentor to young people. Tomás has demonstrated that adversities are simply small obstacles on the path to success. He participated in a three-month coding course at Columbia University, which opened the door to his current career in programing. Tomás and his team created a mobile application called not911 that has been revolutionizing how citizens access emergency services. Tomás’s life serves as an inspiration to many whom have experienced setbacks. We invite you to learn more about his inspiring journey.

Class of 2009

Ischia Bravo

Ischia Bravo was forced to drop out of high school due to her family’s circumstances. However, the opportunities provided by Hostos allowed her to complete her GED and associate degree and prepared her to obtain her bachelor’s in public administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Ms. Bravo has been a public servant for the past 16 years, focusing on addressing the inequities that shaped her childhood and the lives of so many of her neighbors in the South Bronx community. She worked for Congressman José Serrano’s Office, State Senator Serrano’s Office and was Executive Director of the Bronx Democratic County Committee before running for her first elected office in 2016. She currently serves as the district manager for Bronx Community Board 7, the only woman of color on the board, and is a candidate for New York City Community Council District 15. This year, she was honored by the Hostos Office of Alumni Relations and the Division of Institutional Advancement at the third annual Alma Matters Awards.

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Ischia Bravo
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John Meche

Class of 2005

John Meche graduated from Hostos Community College in 2005 while dual enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In addition to his associate degree in public administration and bachelor’s in judicial studies, he holds a master’s from Baruch College and is nearing completion of his doctorate from Morgan State University. His illustrious academic journey has focused around higher education and community college leadership, with a special emphasis on promoting the success of marginalized groups within the higher education demographic. Mr. Meche was an adjunct lecturer and assistant to the dean of student engagement and success at Bronx Community College, and is now an adjunct lecturer and the project director of the Black Male Initiative at the College of Staten Island. This year, he was honored by the Hostos Office of Alumni Relations and the Division of Institutional Advancement at the virtual third annual Alma Matters Awards.

John Meche
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