Help us select Hostos Community College alumni for our upcoming Virtual Third Annual Alma Matters Awards!

The Division of Institutional Advancement, along with the Office of Alumni Relations, is hosting its Virtual Third Annual Alma Matters Awards on Thursday, October 22. This event will celebrate the contributions and successes of our exemplary alumni. Please take a moment to vote for Hostos Community College graduates who are making an impact in their community and so should be considered for an award.

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Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Award Category Descriptions

The Visionary Award recognizes the individual whose strategic perspective and methods allow them to deliver effective outcomes with long-term impact. A forward-thinker, collaborator and creator in their own right, the honoree is skilled at foreseeing issues and implementing tactics that offer a lasting result.

Visionary Award

The Community Impact Award acknowledges one whose ideals, skills and knowledge are targeted towards affecting positive change within a particular community or population. The honoree endeavors to identify a community concern and actively relishes in proposing solutions or providing the resources that aim to strengthen a community.

Community Impact Award

The Trailblazer Award is bestowed to an alumnus who embodies originality, consistently pursues innovation and strives for excellence in their industry. A change agent determined to advance, the honoree sets out to gain knowledge and make discoveries that ultimately benefit many. Their insightfulness and persistence opens new paths for others.

Trailblazer Award

An Honorable Mention Award acknowledges the achievements of the individual who has demonstrated a high level of integrity within their industry and thoughtfulness towards society. The merit of their work does not go unnoticed.

Honorable Mention Award

The Frontline Honorable Mention Award recognizes a graduate’s effort in the fight against COVID-19. Honorees are defined by their passion, dedication, care for others and brave actions that have helped transform our communities.


Honorable Mention Award

Before proceeding, please read the voting guidelines below:


Please keep in mind the following when submitting your nomination:

  • The nominee must be a Hostos Community College graduate who is not currently employed at Hostos.

  • You can make multiple votes, but not for the same person more than once.

  • The voting form must be completed in its entirety. Click on the following link to enter your vote(s): online voting form.

  •  The voting period will end on Friday, October 2, 2020. 

*ONLY Hostos Community College Alumni not employed at Hostos are eligible for an award this year. Hostos Alumni/Staff will be celebrated at our 4th Annual Alma Matters in 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Felix Sánchez, Alumni Relations Manager, at 718-518-4180 or via email at Thank you for your vote(s).

Prof. Andrew Connolly, English Dept.

Ms. Berkis Cruz-Eusebio, ASAP Dept.

Prof. Damaris-Lois Lang, Natural Sciences Dept.

Prof. Mayra Mojica, Business Dept.

Mr. Jason Libfeld, Student Leadership Coordinator, Student Leadership Academy

Ms. Rocio Rayo, Early College Liaison, Hostos Lincoln Academy | Early College Initiative

Mr. Felix O. Sánchez, Alumni Relations Manager